A DISCOVERY FOUNDATION GROWTH ESSENTIAL PROGRAM: Growth Driver – successful route to market strategy Part 2 November 28th

October 26th, 2018

The next workshop in the Discovery Foundation Growth Essential Program:  Growth Driver: Successful routes to market strategy – PART 2 in partnership with ACETECH is being presented by Bruce Stuart on November 28th, 2018.

You know that your growth in 2019 will require improvements and investments in your firm’s thinking about Routes to Market strategy. You know that any part of a business that consumes 20-50% of all expenses and 1.5-3.5X as much money as is spent on R&D must be taken seriously! You know that the earlier a tech company starts thinking seriously about solving their routes to market problems, the better the job they do. Like many things, the earlier you start working on the problem the earlier you solve it. And you know that startups benefit immensely from early attention to routes to market strategy as it helps them frame the form of product, service or technology they need to create in order to have a shot at commercial success.

You also know that in many emerging and mature tech companies it currently takes more time to research, develop and execute a new or re designed routes to market strategy then it takes to create the product, service or technology that they wish to take to market. You also know, if you have watched the videos, that Channelcorp know what they are talking about.

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