Discovery Foundation and ECUAD: Living Labs present ABD3 Speaker Series: 2016

September 20th, 2016

Hear the stories of seven entrepreneurs, designers and tech pioneers who’ve put together wildly successful startups, worked with top companies, and developed new and incredible products and business models. This series of guest lectures brings together a phenomenal breadth of experience in entrepreneurship practices, with a focus on the creative sector. For more info and to see the weekly speakers, click here.

Room 390
Wednesdays, 9:30 am

These lectures are free; a limited number of seats are open to current students, industry practitioners and alumni. ABD3 is produced in partnership with the Discovery Foundation.

ADB3 (Art, Design, Business) is a program that engages experts in business, technology, interaction design, industrial design, and materials-based research in order to transfer knowledge to emerging entrepreneurs who demonstrate the desire and capability to establish technology companies in BC, particularly in the connected devices space between hardware and software. Students at Emily Carr are highly entrepreneurial and possess the creative vision and cross-disciplinary problem-solving skills that will place them at the vanguard in a world of business and culture that is fully situated within a technology-based paradigm. Various programs at Emily Carr exist to support the development of these technology-based companies and products. ADB3 augments the activities of these existing programs, bringing business and commercialization experts into bi-weekly studio visits and guest lectures in order to build networks, provide opportunities for professional development, and support business learning.