Discovery Foundation announces 2017 Technology Education Program Agents

April 11th, 2017

TEP Agents are industry organizations or educational institutions experienced in offering educational programs to technology entrepreneurs.  Discovery Foundation looks for Agents that can teach technology entrepreneurs the business skills and practices essential to grow world-scale BC-based businesses. Agents and programs are selected in a yearly competition by the Foundation to help deliver its educational mandate.

Programs include professional development workshops, individual mentoring by CEOs, discussion forums, commercialization courses, business clinics and similar educational activities.  The purpose is to help tech entrepreneurs increase revenues, expand into new markets, negotiate deals, assess opportunities and accelerate growth resulting in jobs for BC.

The Foundation hires “Agents” to provide business education programs for technology entrepreneurs on its behalf.  Selected in an annual competition, these programs have proven successful in helping the growth of technology firms.  TEP funds are used to dramatically reduce the cost of the training programs for individuals. To see the 2017 Agents and Programs, please click here.