TEP Agents

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TEP Agents:

TEP Agents are industry organizations or educational institutions experienced in offering educational programs to technology entrepreneurs.  Discovery Foundation looks for Agents that can teach technology entrepreneurs the business skills and practices essential to grow world-scale BC-based businesses. Agents and programs are selected in a yearly competition by the Foundation to help deliver its educational mandate.


How does my organization apply to be an Agent?

Please contact us for application details and requirements:  info@discoveryfoundation.ca


Program Timeline:

– Applications due mid-December

– TEP Agents announced by end of January

– Funding provided prior to March 31

Agents must sign a contract with Discovery Foundation to act as its Agent and commence the educational programming before March 31.  All programs should be delivered and completed before the end of the calendar year.

Each successful Agent will be required to provide a written report at the conclusion of their program detailing the numbers (hours) of teaching/mentoring sessions held, participants/companies involved, and measureable successes such as job creation, as well as any funding, commercialization milestones, intellectual property creation, acquisition or other significant events accruing to companies and/or individuals who have benefitted from their program.


Who makes the decision for selecting Agents?

Discovery Foundation at its sole discretion.


For questions and further details please email us.