Discovery Foundation's Making Shift Happen presented by RADIUS: Oct 22nd

Everyday, we hear of complex social, economic, and environmental problems that our society is facing. Whether is it the refugee crisis, homelessness in the Downtown Eastside, melting ice caps, changing climates... this list goes on!

RADIUS, in partnership with the Discovery Foundation, present Making Shift Happen: Begin Your Journey in Social Innovation. This event is for any SFU student who has a burning desire to tackle one or all of these issues through social innovation and social entrepreneurship! You may:

  • Already have a project or business idea of how you want to solve the problems but don't know how to start

  • Be super passionate about a problem area and want to brainstorm new ways to tackle it

  • Want to meet other folks who are curious about tackling complex issues

What is social innovation and social entrepreneurship? We define social innovation as creating solutions to complex social, environmental, and economic problems using design and systems thinking. Social entrepreneurship is taking the social innovation idea and turning it into a sustainable business.

What will we do at this event?

  1. Discuss any social, economic, environmental problems that we are passionate about solving

  2. Introduce social innovation and social entrepreneurship as a way you can start tackling the problem area

  3. Engage in a workshop that will help you dig deeper and map out the problem space you want to tackle

  4. Provide other resources for you to check out that will help you get started on your social impact project!

Please register by Monday, October 21. Note that spaces are very limited. If you register, please honour your RSVP.

Christina Schroeder