Our Mission:

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Education

For the purpose of stimulating the establishment and growth of scientific and technological industries, skills and expertise.

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Our Mission

“To attract, foster, stimulate and participate in the development of scientific and technological industries, skills and expertise, and related management skills, which will create employment opportunities for graduates of universities and Provincial institutes within British Columbia, by any means whatsoever”.

To this end, Discovery Foundation created the Technology Education Program (TEP) to teach technology entrepreneurs the business skills and practices essential to grow world-scale BC-based businesses.


Technology Education Program

Discovery Foundation launched the Technology Education Program (TEP) in 2010 to educate BC innovators on how to move their ideas from conception to commercialization. Business development, sales, marketing, finance and operational skills are all required to support growth. TEP offers educational programs to BC entrepreneurs to upgrade their business skills with the goal to grow world-scale, BC-based technology companies.

This year the Discovery Foundation has set aside funds for programs and events that are of smaller scope, shorter duration, or are one-off events. These will be considered outside of the Technology Education Program competition with no fixed date for application.



Scholarship Programs

Discovery Foundation provides two scholarships for students enrolled in technology programs at a recognized B.C. educational institution. Students must be in their penultimate year and the proceeds will go toward their final year tuition.



Research Programs

Discovery Foundation grants research awards in the area of greentech/cleantech and also for research aimed at identifying gaps in diversity in the B.C. technology sector and providing recommendations for improvement.

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I recently attended the Discovery Foundation Growth Essential Program: 3HAG Way that ACETECH facilitated and I would rate the session 10/10. Young growing startups should have a clear sense of what they want to achieve and how to get there. Unfortunately, that type of planning most often falls to the wayside due to competing priorities. Shannon is a great speaker and presents a step by step process to gut out your strategy.
— L. Cassin, Nimbus Synergies Inc.

Our Impact



Million Dollars Raised

Since 2010, Discovery Foundation has delivered over $3 million in Technology Education Program funding.



Mentoring sessions held

Since 2010, we’ve held 5,333 mentoring sessions/workshops.



Attendees impacted

Since 2010, we’ve reached over 25,000 attendees.


“This support has changed the game for ACETECH. It allows us to reach out to early-stage entrepreneurs and give them the decision-making skills: to validate and measure their business opportunity; get to the next level; pivot; or fail fast, and move on to new opportunity.”

Kathy Troupe - ACETECH