Discovery Foundation grants two research awards, one in the area of greentech/cleantech and the other for research aimed at identifying gaps in diversity in the B.C. technology sector and providing recommendations for improvement. A research proposal (no more than 10 pages) identifying the research question, the methodology, expected outcomes, and impact on the B.C. tech ecosystem must be submitted. Please contact our Communications and Logistics Manager, Christina Schroeder, for more information.

Vancouver Economic Commission

Green Buildings Market Forecast - demand for building products, metro vancouver, 2019-2032


Rooted in Vancouver’s pioneering approaches to planning and built forms, Vancouver’s strong green building sector underpins its entire green economy — an innovative sector that employs one in 15 Vancouverites and contributes to Vancouver’s $32 billion global brand. With the release of the VEC’s Green Building Market Forecast (2019–2032), a clearer, more robust picture emerges of just how powerful — and valuable — the green building sector really is.

Addressing the global climate crisis has the potential to create huge new market opportunities, and Metro Vancouver is well-positioned to capitalize on them. With Vancouver’s suite of innovative green building policies, particularly the Zero Emissions Building Plan, and regional implementation of the BC Energy Step Code (ESC), local manufacturers, installers, and suppliers could benefit from the $3.3 billion market for green building materials.

Women in Tech world

B.C. Gender Equity Roadmap - A STUDY OF WOMEN IN TECH


 After 9 weeks on the road and 10 months of analyzing conversations with 1,600+ women and men in 30+ Canadian tech communities, Women in Tech World (WiTWorld) is proud to present Canada’s Gender Equity Roadmap, a community-driven action plan to support and advance women in tech.