Improve Your Culture, Performance and Profitability

Learn how to leverage a simple, yet powerful framework to elevate leadership at all levels in your organization and achieve more alignment, engagement and performance. We will go through a step-by-step process that will allow you to discover and address some of the blind spots that are affecting productivity and harmony in your company.

Often, the struggles (and opportunities) that come from leading a team stems from a lack of integration and alignment between six key levels. In this workshop, Roberto will show how to create more “flow” in a company and what to do to reach a higher level of team performance, engagement and profitability. He will also show some real case scenarios of how the critical interactions between these six levels did ultimately made, broke the success of a team, or of an entire company.

Shifting the Inner Game…

Level 6 – Creating Your Ultimate Purpose: Re(de)fining your DNA

Level 5 – Developing Meaningful Roles: Contributing to a Unique Company’s Identity

Level 4 – Moving Beyond Indecision: Building a Value-Based Decision Framework

…to Master the Outer Game

Level 3 – Filling the Ability Gaps: Crafting your Team Skill Set to become Result Driven

Level 2 – Reducing Inefficiency: Aligning Your Actions to Well Defined Goals

Level 1 – Reclaiming Your Environment: Removing Obstacles and Leveraging Resources

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Apply a powerful new framework to improve leadership and team performance.

  2. Solve problems faster and save time, money and energy.

  3. Create a more positive, unified, high-performance team.

  4. Identify blind spots that are limiting your success.

  5. Empower your people to lead, regardless of their position.

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Anna Fogg